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General Terms & Conditions

Passengers must have a valid ticket to get on the bus. For Child from 0 to 12 accompanied with a paying adult, pay a reduced rate. It is not allowed to carry children in arms, parents have to bring their child seat. Reduced fare for over 65.

Drivers on board do sell only one-way, full fare tickets (no reduction for children from 0 to 12) for the extra cost of 2 € per ticket.

The ticket is personal, valid only for the day, the time and the trip reserved.  The ticket has to be shown to the driver, getting on the bus and during the trip. Ticket must be conserved and not demaged during the journey.  The ticket is not valid nor refundable if demaged or illegible.

Each passengers is entitled to carry, at is own risk, a small piece of hand luggage, max 5 kg,and another case up to 10 kg max for free. Any suitcase over 10 kg up to a max of 30 kg will be subject to an extra 50% of the ticket’s cost. IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO TRANSPORT A BICYCLE.

(The company is not responsable in case of loss for the unchecked baggage. Inside the baggage given to the bus driver, it is not allowed to carry money, jewels and valuable documents, perishable, inflammable, harmful or dangerous material.)

In case of loss or demaged of the checked baggage, the Company follow the rules in accordance with the 22/8/1985 n. 450 law.

Well be havied small animals may travel,  at the cost of 50% of the ticket, in a cage on your lap, with a muzzle.

You may cancel any reservation up until 12 hours before the time of the journey, following one of the options below:

  1. By telefax to the number 0039 0165 367070 specify the cancellation request (download the cancellation document from the www.savda.it website);
  2. In an authorized ticket office,  where the date and the hour of cancellation will be issued;
  3. Online, filling in the form.

 N.B. With the return tickets it is possible to cancel either both ways or only the return trip. 

To obtain a refund, the original cancelled ticket has to be sent back to SAVDA S.p.A. Strada Pont Suaz, 6 – 11100 AOSTA (AO), and a copy of a valid identity card or passport, and your iban bank code where the company can accredit  the 75% of the ticket. In the case of refund for the return, on a a return ticket, the single journey will be deducted, plus an extra 25% for the amministrative costs, from the total price paid.

It is possible to change the time and the date of a single trip if the request is submitted at least one hour before the estimated departure at on authorized ticket office , if there is the availability on the desired trip.

Each variation made to a single ticket is subject to an extra fee of 3 euro. All altered tickets are NON REFUNDABLE.



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